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A note on why we no longer carry Seed & Smith.

Open Letter to Standing Akimbo Customers January 21, 2021

Seed & Smith and Standing Akimbo have enjoyed a positive relationship the past 12 months. However, Seed & Smith notified today us that they will no longer be supplying Standing Akimbo with their product, effective immediately.

The marijuana products are a fluctuating commodity and therefor the price that Standing Akimbo purchases product fluctuates, resulting in a fluctuation of the retail price. Standing Akimbo believes that any cost savings we experience should be passed on to you, the customer.

At no point during our year-long relationship, did Seed & Smith request that we sell their product at a specific price. After a brief conversation with them they determined that because they disagree with Standing Akimbo’s pricing strategy, Seed & Smith will cease selling product to Standing Akimbo. Therefore, it will no longer be available for purchase.

Standing Akimbo is working with three new vendors we believe will align with the values we hold for our customers.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and ask for your patience.


Spencer Kirson

Owner, Standing Akimbo

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