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The Best February Deals

2018 is well on its way and we at Standing Akimbo Dispensary want to thank you for your support so far this year! We have come up with some great new membership options and monthly deals to keep our cannabis quality high and our prices competitive. Each month an Akimbo Monthly is released that includes a "Bud of the Month" profile, lists upcoming events, monthly highlights, a few interactive games, as well as our monthly deals on the back cover.

This February, you'll find: $15 CSC CARTRIDGES $40/G HARMONY NECTAR $28/G INCREDIBLES HASH $25/G NEXT1 LIVE RESIN $30/G GREEN DOT SILVER LABEL $100/OZ $60 1/2 $15 1/8 FLOWER $160/4 G JAR GREEN DOT (*rules & restrictions apply)

In addition to our daily deals & monthly specials, Standing Akimbo offers a Patient Membership that is always available and free. As a medical dispensary, it takes about five minutes to sign primary caregiver rights over to Standing Akimbo.

Member Benefits Include:

$5-10 off Flower $5 off Concentrates TR Concentrates $20/gram V.I.P. Membership Card

1st 7 punches ($5 off gram of concentrate & 1/8th of flower $18.75) 8th punch ($5 off 4 grams of concentrate & $15 1/8th of Flower)


SIGN UP TODAY & RECEIVE TWO GRAMS OF HASH FOR $.01 EACH Select in-house live resin. Redeemable day of sign-up. A VIP MEMBERSHIP CARD Details on card below. Redeemable day of sign-up. AN OUNCE OF FLOWER FOR $.01 EACH Select flower only. Redeemable 90 days after sign-up.

Standing Akimbo Dispensary upholds some of the highest quality in cannabis products and is one of the best medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver. With flower (Medical Indica, Sativa, & Hybrid), concentrates, wax, sugar wax, live resin, shatter, rosin, caviar, tinctures, and edibles, Weedmaps hosts the updated menu and Denver's daily deals!

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