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In-House Glacier Live Sugar or Budder (28 G Bucket) $300 EACH 

Next 1 Labs Live Budder $299 OZ

Next 1 Labs Shatter or Wax $280 OZ 

Oil Well Shatter or Wax $299 OZ

All In-House Greendot or Glacier Live Resin 7 G Buckets $100 EACH

Viola, Harmony, or Olio Live Resin $25 G 

Next 1 Live Budder $11 G

In-House Green Dot Labs Live Budders $15G


Lazercat or Olio Rosin (All Types) $48 G


Natty Rems Live Resin Carts (1000 mg) $35 EACH 

Craft Carts (1 K MG) $17 Each

Spectra Carts (1 K MG)  $18.50 each

Natty Rems Live Resin Carts (500 mg) $22.50 each

Veritas or Natty Rems Pre-Pack (1/8th) $27.50 8th

Indoor Flower (1oz Starting Price) $56 oz

Outdoor Flower $50 oz

Yeti 1kmg Yummies (1 K MG) $25 

Northern Standard Chocolate Bars (1 K MG)  $25 Each 

In-House Glacier Live Sugar or Budder  $15 G 


EPC Bad santa Sale 

Indoor Popcorn $750/lb 

Indoor Big Buds $1000/LB 

Seedless Outdoor $800/lb 


Natty Rems deals 

exclusively at Standing Akimbo 

Natty Rems Live Resin Carts (1/2 G) $22.50 EACH

Natty Rems Live Diamonds, Sugar, Budders (All Grams) $2 off

Natty Rems Bulk Flower $125 oz / $2000 LB EPC Only

Natty Rems Exclusive OG Jars $27.50 EACH

Natty Rems Gold Tip Carts (1 G) $35 EACH



Enter for your chance to win an 8th of each strain of OG Flower Jars & free swag. 2 winners will be chosen! To enter the contest follow our instagram page @shopatstandingakimbo

TR Concentrates Raffle
Buy any TR Concentrates product in July or August to be entered into a raffle for a penny 7G shatter slab. 1 winner will be chosen in July and 1 winner will be chosen in August.

upcoming eventS

Vendor Pop Ups

July 1st: Craft 10am  - 1pm

July 7th: Greendot 12pm - 3pm
July 8th: Craft 10am - 1pm
July 8th: Keef 12pm - 3pm
July 9th: Natty Rems 12pm - 3pm
July 10
th: Oil Well 10am - 1pm
July 15th: Craft 10am - 1pm
July 16
th: Northern Standard 12pm - 3pm
July 21st
: Greendot 12pm - 1pm
July 22nd
: Craft 10am - 1pm
July 22nd
: Keef 12pm - 3pm
July 29th
: Craft 10am - 1pm
July 30th
: Northern Standard 3pm - 6pm

Food Truck events
July 3rd: Totally Steamed Food Truck 11am - 4pm
First 60 customers get a box of Thin Mint or Samoa Girl Scout cookies. 
July 10th: Totally Steamed Food Truck 11am - 4pm
Get a FREE LUNCH when you spend $100 at Standing 

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